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Monday, April 25, 2011


I explained to a friend that this book publishing thing is more of a marathon than a sprint. This requires a lot of patience and anyone gong into it expecting overnight success is likely to become extremely disappointed. Sometimes nothing happens for long periods of time. You simply cannot predict what, when or how people will be interested in that which you offer. You may have put hours and a lot of love into it, but ultimately it’s their choice to sample or buy it. And there is tons of competition!

I had about 100 downloads just a few days ago, and today there are over 300. I still await reviews, but I hope that someone will be sufficiently impressed to say something about it.

It certainly was incredibly exciting to see those numbers.

My work is still not done. The spike in downloads certainly can work in my favor. Let’s see how this develops…


  1. Hola Amiga!
    Es hermoso poder leer acerca de tus experiencias que desnudes tu alma y sentimientos de la manera que lo haces... En verdad existe una verdadera comunidad de autores indie donde todos nos ayudamos y aconsejamos unos a otros... recientemente mi amiga Shéa Mac Leod ha compartido este bonito sitio que creo disipará algunas dudas y agregará más conocimientos a tu inmenso bagaje!
    Paz y Luz ☼

  2. ¡Muchas gracias, Eliseo! Tienes razón, hay una fuente invaluable de información en ese sitio y pienso incorporar algunas de sus ideas a ver como me va.