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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Learn something new every day

Researching ways to promote the book, I came upon a fantastic website: In Reference to Murder. Wow! Really, that simple word covers it in spades: wow. The resources in that site are worth more than I can quantify. A lot of work and love went into putting all of that together and I am in absolute awe. There is so much good information there and a seemingly endless list of resources, it is literally possible to learn something new every day for a very long time!

That is very exciting.

It will be enormously helpful for adding authentic little touches to the next project. It is set in a far away future and not all the rules of law enforcement will apply, but murder doesn’t change much from century to century, does it?

Book sales for Justified are currently set at 15 downloads and 9 copies sold. Sales are slower than downloads and I expected that. I hope that those who downloaded will like what they read and will go back for more, of course. And once they finish it, I also hope they take the time to review the work. If they laud it, it will help in the long run. It may be a while before this part happens, but I am willing to wait it out.

The cookbook has truly surprised me. There are now over 700 downloads. The difference is that this one is free. I still await reviews on it.

Overall, I’d say that it is an auspicious beginning to my self-publishing career. There is bigger and better to look forward to and with every new project I can expect to improve on the previous one. Not that my work on the novel’s promotion is ended, but it is a good learning experience nonetheless.

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