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Monday, November 21, 2011

No ninjas, but a pirate queen!

The beauty of steampunk is that it is speculative fiction at its best. You can have action, adventure, humor and tweak history to your heart’s content.

There are still some rules, but the fun is not so much bypassing them but enhancing.

Working from a Victorian to Edwardian era gives you all these exciting moments in history to draw upon and incorporate into your plot, setting and characterization.

If you like doing research, this genre gives you the opportunity to look into a myriad of topics – each with its own breakthroughs and rock stars!

If you are clever enough, you can take earlier figures and tweak their own history or the course of their influence (their descendants or kin).

I’ve been choosing the historical figures that will make it into my story and, of course, Victoria makes a cameo of sorts. But it is the appearance of Gráinne Ni Mháille that truly excites me!

I have the steam technologies, the post modern buildings, the Victorian/Edwardian fashions, but I think it is the addition of a good pirate queen that makes this story truly screams steampunk!

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