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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Relaunch 2014

Summer 2014 we are relaunching Amapola Press.

Justified, the crime drama that follows unassuming Edmond Styles after an incident at gun point. He quickly becomes a household name and a media sensation. He goes on a road trip and his private life becomes part of the nation's vernacular. Part parody and satire, part pulp, this is all about murder and mayhem and manly haikus.

BecauseShe Was A Woman is a collection of a dozen vignettes, a quick read but certainly not a simple one. Each story introduces a new woman living as best she can in a variety of situations.

The second editions are different in different ways. Justified was edited for further clarity. BSWAW was also edited for clarity, but mostly it was improved by adding “A Quiet Stroll” – a moody little story – replacing “The Next IT Couple” (which sadly was the weakest of the original vignettes.

To celebrate the Summer Solstice, Amazon Prime subscribers may obtain these titles for free and there will be promotional pricing in the US and UK until June 21.

In an effort to improve the online catalogue, several titles have been unpublished (or placed in that “out of print” limbo were its glory remains in yesterday but no more).

In the Culinary section: The Food Goddess is available as the combination Volumes 1 and 2.

In Fiction: the first edition of Justified and Because She Was A Woman, are no longer available at Amazon. Putting May to Rest will be discontinued as a stand-alone story.

(Smashwords and other retailers will soon follow; retailers such as Sony, Kobo, iBooks may carry these titles a little longer).

The Amapola Press website will reflect these changes.

Paperbacks will be similarly revised and updated in the next few weeks. 

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