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Saturday, March 31, 2012

¡En Español!

I just released “El Velorio de Maya” – the Spanish translation of “Putting May to Rest” at the Kindle Store.

Like the original it is an absurd tale about a girl’s eighteenth birthday around the holidays in the 1980s and realizing her dream of seeing Baryshnikov dance, but life throws her curve ball and she has to attend a funeral first. Then hilarity ensues. Well, it wasn’t funny until years after the fact… It’s funny if you didn’t have to live it.

Is that synopsis too long? Try this one:

Death happens and your family is far less dysfunctional than the one in the story. I’ll bet you anything!

The Kindle Store will run a special promotion from April 13 to the 17th. It’s my gift to you guys. Just when taxes are getting you down, you can download the title for free!

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