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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chronicles Introduction

I spent a better part of the week writing an introduction to the steampunk series. It traces the days prior to our female lead being yanked out of our reality and landing at some strange world that is ever so familiar, if slightly off…

I wasn’t particularly happy with it. Not because there is anything inherently wrong with it, mind you. It even starts a running gag through the series.

My problem was that for all its character development, it has nothing to do with steampunk.

This is an experiment on my part and it is quite probable that it may fall flat. That does not mean I’ll shy away from trying. The whole point of diving into publishing was to do new things. A girl needs a little adventure.

It’s likely that some of these experiments will fail. I don’t mind that at all, in fact I see failure as an opportunity to try again and improve on what I have.

The idea is that the introduction will be released as a free offering and be followed by the first book in the series when the lead character arrives in the new world.

I started the intro deep into the story, as narrated by the Scribe who wrote the Chronicles.

The first draft is up here: -- you may read it for free, hopefully you’ll enjoy it; you may also comment, if you wish. By opening up my process I can only hope to survey how you guys feel about it, assess whether it may be on the right track, and make it a little better before I put it “out there.”

If you choose to travel this road with me, I thank you in advance for your time and whatever help you can provide. Don’t be gentle, I welcome brutal honesty (you may comment anonymously).

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