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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A New Year with Bigger Challenges

I just got done with a truly challenging project. We were trying to duplicate part of the look and feel of a physical book in an ebook, with elements that did not always translate well. The client had a very clear vision of what she wanted, and I wanted to give her exactly that or a close facsimile. It wasn’t always easy to get there. We did maintain a good working relationship and great communications—despite being half a world away.

I found a humble point where I had to recognize that my finesse is finite. Don’t misunderstand, I hustle for my clients and always try to find ways for them to be satisfied with the process and the final product. But at the same time, any project where I learn something is a success! After all, a limitation can turn into a new goal to learn more and become better. Getting a payday and a good review is worth the few frustrations.

Freelancing is how I remain relevant in the workforce, but it does cut into the writing life!

So far this year, I’ve started one new story. I have no idea how much time or energy (or indeed creativity) there will be for my own stories and books. Perhaps I’ll spend more time working on getting others published. Certainly any good fortune in terms of business is welcomed. I love writing, but I really enjoy having electricity, Internet, a roof over our heads, and food on a regular basis. We’ve gotten used to eating every day now!

The way I look at it, helping authors get their work published is still a learning experience to help my own publishing in the long run. And, who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky and start making a serious dent at the total debt.

My biggest goal this year is to actively try to find the time (to learn, to read, to create).

I want to write too, but there is a parade of ducks that must be lined up in some sort of formation first… It is clear that we are living in interesting times and it is imperative that adjusting to the times we all expand in whatever ways are necessary to meet new roles we must fill to move everything forward.

This year will not be an echo of last year. This year will be better and bigger and brilliant! And if we keep the theme going, 2018 should be bookish in many splendorous ways. Of course, I can afford to remain even a little excited. I haven’t paid my taxes yet! There might be a fantastic story right there.