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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Carlotta's Wedding Reception Meltdown

After a tumultuous courtship, Carlotta and her boyfriend quietly held their nuptials at City Hall. When her friends Mel and Isabelle find out about it, they set into motion plans for a surprise wedding reception that same evening.

But after the newlyweds make their grand entrance at the restaurant where Isabelle works, it becomes clear that the bride is not exactly in a festive mood. She has things to say. Important things…

Carlotta’s Wedding Reception Meltdown is the story of that fateful evening (in its first installment).

Available exclusively at Amazon (e-book available right now, and print version should be on sale in a day or two).

Thursday, February 6, 2020

We Have Liftoff (almost)

I finally started, finished, edited, revised and sent a story to a few brave beta readers. Feels good to make progress with any writing--especially because I've been stuck on a few projects.

The problem, of course, is me. My inner critic keeps thwarting my progress--that b17ch keeps creating problems where there should be none!

Still, it is a harder thing to practice than to preach: write and edit later. It's easier to let that annoying little voice in the back of your mind criticize your every move within a story until it brings it all to a halt or down like an avalanche. After that, even when you have an idea, it becomes easier to dismiss it outright than to sit and write it down, and try to work it out in writing. Then it becomes a bad habit and getting back to writing becomes harder.

At some point, whether by divine intervention, inspiration, or pure creative overdrive, you pick up a pen or a device, and words begin to flow again. It boosts your energy and your confidence, and you're back on the path.

I have learned not to worry too much because I know I can and will return to my writing, but it feels like an eternity when it lasts longer than five minutes! Now, all I have to do is convince my brain that it needs some discipline and it should just embrace it. Maybe it'll even work this time...

There's three things I must keep in mind, and feel free to do as I say (be better than I am at remembering the following):

  • Your first draft doesn't have to be perfect. It may even suck! But keep going because in the process lies a hidden gem that you will not discover if you stop writing... Just write!
  • Recognize when that inner editor, its ugly sister the inner critic, and their mother Ms. Self-Doubt are whispering in your ear and disrupting your connection to true creativity. Silence it: "Hey! I'm working here..." Just keep writing!
  • Mistakes? I've made a few. Making mistakes in the process, it's all par for the course. Mistakes are the foundation of learning, getting better at your craft. Practice makes perfect: w-r-i-t-e!