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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Summer So Far

The action at Smashwords picked up a little bit in the last week or so. The novel sold one copy and a handful of people picked up the cookbook. There seems to have been a marked slowdown at Smashwords, and apparently Mark has noticed it as well. They’re addressing the issues and books will run through the premium catalogue faster.

There is no action at the independent sellers and apparently my titles are not there, which is a little strange because they were there earlier – but I suppose because I made changes last month and the titles needed to be resubmitted.

Amazon seems to have deleted the bad review for the cookbook, so now I have two five-star reviews. That’s good, but I wish they’d left the bad review in as it was the raison d’etre for the second volume, Family Tree

Most of the action these last two weeks has occurred over at Amazon with 729 sales of the cookbook and one short. At Barnes & Noble nothing is happening. Nothing at all.

There is a translation of the short still in limbo because I have not received the final word from the editor. (That’s the draft of the cover, a sort of metaphysical call for a resolution…)

Everything else has slowed down at my end. I’ve been toying with a story but it refuses to shine. It keeps suggesting itself but it goes nowhere. The other day, just for fun I gave to a Michael Bay treatment. It still sucked, but the explosions were freaking awesome!

In the meantime, I am reviewing work in the drawers to see if any of it is ready to be published. Sometimes I find this part harder than the actual writing itself, especially because in my role as Publisher I appear to have become hypercritical. I was always a harsh editor, but who knew I’d be such as harsh mistress as a publisher.

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