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Friday, November 4, 2011

Guest Blogging at La Bella Novella!

La Bella Novella, run by the lovely Ashley, is doing a Blog Party for NaNoWriMo. Please read my guest blog!

This evening, at zero hour, they’ll be featuring my guest blog on this crazy thing we do in November. Go check it out and please leave Ash a nice note for her efforts!

I have been on a magic carpet ride of writing. The notes I had been writing for weeks have given shape to two great characters for the steampunk novel. Many things have changed: settings, names, secondary characters, motivations, back stories

I had not touched the novel for weeks (months) because I was stuck. It simply didn't work. It was, in fact, irreparably broken. I threw all that out and whatever my freestyle writing inspired opened a whole new story that seems to be gathering momentum. 

I am excited about the project again. I am also in love with writing again. 

NaNoWriMo rocks.

This is a powerful creative drive and I intend to ride to my 50,000 word goal and beyond!

Put on another pot of coffee because it’s going to be a long, sleepless drive…

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