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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Blog Interview

Scarlett Rugers, a cool Aussie book cover designer who is also a published author (under the name Scarlett Archer). Like many of us like-minded individuals, she is an avid reader and she obsesses about first lines. So much so that she started her own blog to talk about it. How cool is that?

Yes, first lines. You know we’ve all discussed it at one point or another. Great lines stay with you for years and years, and become part of your psyche… Great lines can be the gateway to the greatest adventure of your life. Bad lines stop you dead and literally prevent you from reading another word.

Scarlett also does interviews with authors about first lines, reading and writing. Tomorrow (Wednesday the 28th) my very own interview will appear on her blog, 1001 First Lines. In it I talk about my favorite first lines and writing.

Please visit Scarlett’s site and check out my interview tomorrow, and if you wish also check out her site for other content. There are some interesting opinions there and you may even find the inspiration to pick up a book you haven’t read yet or pick up on that you haven’t read in some time and brought you joy or enlightment.

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