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Monday, June 4, 2012

Tiki Tiki? Yeah, we got that!

“¡Voy p’al Tiki Tiki!”

That is just a fun thing to say.

Tiki tiki is Cuban slang that is used across the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and means talk, dish, the constant blah-blah-blah about everything and everybody, hands going a mile a minute to match the mouth…

Tiki Tiki Blog is an online production from Carrie Ferguson Weir and an amazing group of talented Latinas (some of whom, like me, have confusingly Anglo names just to prove the point that Latinas comes in all sizes, colors, and accents).

Starting today, Tiki Tiki is running a fun excerpt of the English/Spanish hybrid short story La Chancleta and you can read it here.

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