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Sunday, May 11, 2014

An Idle Mind

Every other day a line comes to me and I document it, but at this rate I will be in my 90's before I finish the story.

At first I thought that I was unfocused because stress was building up – as my situation has not improved yet and perhaps deep down I am a little disappointed that I cannot push it along. If will alone could reverse this period, I'd be in heaven, but patience must rule until every other factor that is not under my control meets at the center and creates a perfect opportunity.

Several weeks of misery did not awaken that Dark Muse that rules the other world where the story originates. Apparently, my ability to write is not necessarily dependent upon a tortured soul.

I thought that perhaps this was a mild case of writer's block that came and went like some teenage love affair (the type that lasts exactly 24 hours and dies a swift death at the hands of a killer smile).

But that is not true: my imaginary friends still share bits of story. In fact, I dream of the story, but not the main character and I am starting to believe she is the weak link in the whole deal! I see scenes and I document each bit.

It makes me wonder whether this is not meant to be a novella but rather a screenplay...

Perhaps Magic Stilettos is meant to be committed to film (perhaps an animated project?).

The one thing I have learned from this period of relative sadness is that I have been wasting my time, filling up my free moments on nothing but smoke and mirrors. Mostly smoke!

It was an interesting experience, but I believe my time would be better spent learning something new. Tomorrow, I start catching up on my reading. And this week, probably after Wednesday, I will look into adding another skill to my arsenal.

The biggest seller in the book world says that an idle mind is the devil's playground. Well, he can stop by to tell me funny stories, but he is not welcome to stay. That giant, strange landscape is my playground alone!

My goal is to have at least a short film written by summer's end. At any rate, things are changing here, they have to. I'm shedding unnecessary things and loads of smoke.

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