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Thursday, June 5, 2014

New and Relaunched

Summer is rapidly descending upon us and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to clean up the old offerings and relaunch them as second editions.

The second edition of Justified is a tighter story and I fixed a couple of errors that no one else noticed but nagged at me.

Because She Was a Woman is losing its weakest story and gaining at least one new one – which I suspect will be a trimmed version of Magic Stilettos.

Scent of Honeysuckle probably requires no tweaking, but as I am in edit mode I probably will give it a glance and decide whether to revise it.

One Night with B.B. has done very well and introduced many to my writings. I may revise it slightly (if nothing else to update the back matter).

Some titles will disappear as stand-alones and will now be part of anthologies only (such as Putting May to Rest/El Velorio de Maya).

Kali: The Food Goddess cookbook series will become one volume and it will include new entries from the new Food Goddess blog. Individual volumes will be discontinued.

A Quiet Stroll may make it into the BSWAW anthology of short stories as the baker’s dozen and it may also be produced as an audio book (a test). The stand-alone version will remain a freebie.

Any e-books that go into a second edition will also be released as a second edition as paperbacks (for continuity).

Why relaunch? To keep things fresh. The basic premise of each book and story will remain the same, but as I hone my craft, I can revise and make the writing tighter. This also serves to recognize some of the stories that need not become part of a back-catalogue. A relaunch makes your final product better because it seeks to offer excellence to your readers.

This is a good thing.

Stay tuned for more news about our relaunch! There will be an opportunity to obtain free and review copies for those who’d like to upgrade your previously purchased versions of my work.  

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