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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Mistress Has Come!

The Mistress has come!

A little over a month ago, I was writing almost every day, little pieces not connected to any specific story. The idea was to try to get something on paper or on screen, as it were. Also, these little bits were character studies for archetypes that I am likely to use later.

Practice! Practice!

Then, I started writing a story that somehow became a Valentine for my readers… I am not sure when I decided that I’d publish it for Valentine’s Day. It was a challenge and I love a challenge.

Perhaps, as writers, we ought to issue challenges to ourselves every once in a while -- it'll scare the wits out of us and makes us rise to the occasion by meeting the challenge head on!

In The Mistress, a woman recounts an incident she witnessed as a 12-year-old and adds bits and pieces she has collected over 30 years to complete the canvas in her mind. Then, the night before she writes her story, her Momma tells her a key piece that completes the puzzle.

It’s a short, only 10,001 words, but those ten thousand words include love and sex, betrayal, lies, anger and tears, regret and resilience. Questions remain, I suppose, but the story of that specific day is there, bare and naked in ten thousand and one words.

You may buy your copy here: – Amazon Kindle Store - Smashwords - CreateSpace for paperback 
(which will also be available at Amazon later this week)

The e-book will be available at all major online retailers, 
from Apple to Google Play, will be coming soon.

UPDATE: For those of you who'd like to follow the action with this title, you may like our Facebook page here:

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