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Monday, November 23, 2015

Sins of the Father is Coming!

There appears to be a blog post missing here, but I did not save it… At any rate, I have less than a week to finish my book!

There is one more story to go and it is being a little prickly.

As it turns out, the first volume of stories skews towards a particular theme that I had not seen emerge. Freudian? Not really, there are other stories, but these were easier to finish and edit.

The result is this:

There are a few funny moments. Some witty bantering… There are a number of heartbreaking moments in these stories. Some based on true stories.

There are five stories ready (and if the sixth does not work, they are meaty enough to hold their own). In one story, a daughter gets to confront her father after years of holding in her anger. In another story, a woman remembers a postcard moment from her childhood and puts a little perspective on it. A third story speaks of the fears of a woman for her child turning out like a father she misjudged. There’s the story of a woman whose father figure had a secret or two. Another story is about an adoptee coming into herself. The sixth story will be a little different (if I can make it work). 

Additionally, I am trying to finish a special gift for folks who buy the e-book… 

OMG! Do I have time to do this? I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo this year knowing I would not able to do it justice, but now I have a *massive* deadline looming over my head.

No time to play: I have wrongs to write!

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