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Thursday, October 6, 2011


After a very long day, I took a nap yesterday and awoke to the news we all knew was inevitable. Steve Jobs is dead. I cried.

I started writing a personal zine back in the 1980s. I had been writing for years but only showed my work for a few eyes only. The zine allowed me to widen my audience.

My design tool of choice then was a Mac. Much of the production involved I had done by hand earlier, now a small magical box made easier and a lot of fun.

Most of us pick our heroes with the same criteria we pick our friends. There is at least one characteristic about that person that adds value to our own lives.

Neither our friends nor our heroes are perfect. When we bestow our love and respect upon them we are highlighting the best of them with our aspiration to be more like them. Just as in the 21st century we have not physically met all our friends, we may have never met our own heroes. This does not diminish the loss of their absence when they are gone.

That's only one of the reasons why I will mourn Steve. 

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