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Sunday, October 9, 2011

To Tweet, Perchance to Communicate

I’ve had a Twitter account since the fall of 2009, though the idea of the social network is exhausting. It has sat there, mostly inactive, virtually collecting dust. Until last week when I felt a distinct need to connect in a clusterfrak of wired activity.

Of course, once I published the cookbook and the novel, it was understood that Twitter would have to become a part of my overall online marketing plan.

I refuse to use my Facebook account for this purpose. For the moment, that account is strictly for friends and family, and I do not wish to mix business and pleasure.

Google+ with its circles and hangouts seemed like a better fit for this purpose. Twitter is a good secondary conduit for promotional purposes.

You may follow me on Twitter @KaliAmanda.

On Fridays and Saturdays, I will post a series of tweets for Weekend Chefs with tips and links for breakfast and brunch ideas. Saturdays and Sundays, I will post a series of tweets, Brown-bag it!, with tips and links to brown-bag lunches during the work week. These can be found under the hash tag #KaliFoodGoddess.

The series began this weekend and you should check it out – especially the link to making your own sushi rolls.

Of course, any updates on the food column and subsequent cookbooks will appear under this hash tag as well.

Twitter will also carry announcements of book launches and special promotional offers.

I realize it is yet another account to maintain, but it will become another arm of the integrated plan and while there is a mountain of data streaming at all times (when exactly does Guy Kawasaki sleep?!), it will also make me privy to interesting news from a staple of fascinating folks I now follow.

On other news, the cookbook just received an independent review. The woman who reviewed the book gave it a very thoughtful, lengthy and enthusiastic five-star review. You can view the review here:

I just sold my first overseas copy in England, and because the iBookstore is expanding their distribution, I expect a slight resurgence in unit sales.

Now if only I had more time and energy to dedicate to the writing itself…

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