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Friday, February 3, 2012

Busy Little B

Very productive few days around these parts, as I just finished an abridged translation of “Life, Dreams and Magical Landscapes,” titled “Recuerdos de Antes y Entonces.” (Available for sale now here.)

The phrase is both nonsense and evocative, as most memories tend to be especially as we sometimes reedit them in our heads as the years pass us by.

“Antes” means before or then (in the past) and “entonces” means then (at the time). So the title, translated is “Memories of Then and Then” or my own cheeky way to say these are memories of then and then some.

A literal translation was impractical as well as impossible, and I admit employing the Google translate tool to start, but I went in and rewrote as necessary, line by line. In some cases, and because the language lends itself to it, I think the result in a far more poetic Spanish version of events.

Then I found out that if you ever get stuck working on a novel, all you have to do is publish two or three other books, sleep two hours and that cures your writer’s block! Six hours and 15 pages later, I have an important chapter in the novel and a clear idea of another (not consecutive, because that would be the easy way to write it).

In the meantime, I enrolled the new title in the KDP Select program to better gauge the experiment. I cannot see a downside to the program just yet, but only time will tell if it is worth the exclusivity.

I believe that even with a three-month commitment to sell exclusively in the Kindle store, once that period is over, you can just relaunch the title and ran whatever promotion you find appropriate for other online retailers.

I certainly did see an immediate and large number of downloads the day the fist ebook when on the program and was published. The proof, however, will be in the royalty checks…

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