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Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Time for Mom's Day!

A second volume in the Kali, The Food Goddess series, Fruits of the Family Tree the short compilation of recipes from places of origin in the gene pool is now available at Smashwords. Details about it can be found here, here and (hilariously) here. There is also a delicious excerpt here.

Recuerdos de Antes y Entonces is also available at Smashwords now. A liberal translation of Life, Dreams and Magical Landscapes, an excerpt can be found here – and it also includes excerpts for other translated works.

In a few weeks, the titles will also be available at Apple, Diesel, Kobo, and Sony. The titles are available at Amazon now and will also become available at Barnes & Noble in the next few days.

You can access my Smashwords page by clicking on the link at the right side of the page. If you buy my books, you’d be doing me a solid and you can gift them to your Mom! It’s a win-win.

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