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Monday, May 28, 2012

Writing Life

There is no downtime when you start writing. Almost every moment becomes corollary, although sometimes the lines between cause and effect is so thin it is almost invisible.

Of course, this should give folks some pause about their behavior, because all eccentric conduct makes for a good story and I’m on a roll. (There is some interesting drama going on in Facebook and there might be a graphic novel in there somewhere…)

In the meantime, I am busy writing the ghost story, the crime novel, and even started some thing new with the detectives from Justified. I’m not sure if the last thing will go anywhere, but for the moment I am having fun with it.

There might be a special promotion for La Chancleta. Details are being worked out and I will alert you all once it is green lit. I am very excited by the prospect!

The next launch will be a print-on-demand version of Justified – which will be the same as the e-book edition. A “new” title will be added to the print editions, Cuentos y Recuerdos: La Colección Latina it will include the three translated e-books, Una Noche con B.B., Recuerdos de Antes y Entonces, and El Velorio de Maya. As it is the Latin American bundle, I also included La Chancleta. I may also do the same with the English versions (bundle them into one volume).

Yes, I will bundle the cookbooks into one tome.

I realize that not everybody is ready (or as eager as I am) for e-readers and some of you feel a little left out.

The print editions will be available exclusively at Amazon (US, UK and Germany). Why? Because I do most of my business with Amazon and I doubt that adding to that distribution for print will make that big a difference right now. I may revisit this later and change accordingly.

Details as they develop…

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