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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The adventure has begun!

I’ve put my baby out there for the world to see and play with it. I suppose I should be terrified, but I still find the process interesting and a lot of fun. But then, I have always been a little weird.

Of course, so far only 3 people have read the whole thing, so I expect that once people start reading, I will get reviews. In the meantime, there is promotion to be done. My research says that this is the most challenging part of the equation (which I find hilarious, because no matter how labor intensive it is, the experts’ opinion on this ignores that writing the book required some work and intelligence).

Anyway, I have collected a list of book reviewers and now I have to check out the ones that cover fiction, crime stories, satire and especially ebooks. Then there are queries to write and submissions to make, follow ups, etc…

Of course, this is only one step in a journey with a thousand pit stops. But now that the journey has begun, I feel the urge to visually myself wearing all my best Sunday hats for each step. If you can’t use your flights of fancy to amuse yourself, what’s the point of an imagination?

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