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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Justified offers a literary ménage à trois of crime story, noir and biting satire.

Justified is the story of an ordinary man caught in an extraordinary life. Edmond Styles awoke one Thursday morning and walked to work – to a job he detested. By the end of that day, he found himself held hostage at gunpoint by a disgruntled civil servant. Before the night fell, two people were dead and Edmond Styles began a journey that proverbially lasts 15 minutes. By that evening’s 11 o’clock news, the whole city had begun speculating about the survivor.

By turns funny, illuminating, heartbreaking and all too human, Justified is a universal story except for the extraordinary man at the center of it. The book follows the journey of one man through the tragic incident; the investigation; and the news cycle, as he finds himself both vilified and made a household name in the space of 72 hours. He then travels from Brooklyn to California to clear his name and hilarity ensues during his sentimental journey.

A simple crime story that quickly turns into a dark comedy with quite a few laugh out loud moments set firmly in popular culture.

Justified is coming soon to, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords! Stay tuned to this blog for news of the books release and a special offer for buyers.

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