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Monday, April 18, 2011

Waiting... Waiting...

So it is done and now the waiting… Between the two books, there have been 100 downloads. I now patiently await reviews.

I sent out a few queries regarding reviews. The trick is that you have to wade through a ton of websites and figure out whether they review ebooks, and then whether they’ll consider self-pubs – not all do. I suppose that makes sense, they’d be overwhelmed by the amount of crap available out there.

A good review is always a welcome point on your side but for all that effort you really want to avoid the slush pile. And this reminds me of this hilarious website: SlushPile Hell. This comes from a literary agent with a great sense of humor. Trust, if you’ve ever worked with a publisher, you’ll recognize some of these letters. I remember that the editorial department at Discover Magazine once got a rambling letter from a guy who said he’d discovered the math equation that proved the existence of God. He wanted to give exclusive rights to the book and movie…

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