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Thursday, April 28, 2011

If I had a dollar for every time...

Less than a full month into this adventure, I can see the results of my efforts in the numbers. I am a little surprised about those numbers, though. I did not really have any expectations that I can quantify. On the other hand, the cookbook now has over 500 downloads and I am flabbergasted.

Of course, I expected that the free ebook would move a lot faster by virtue of the bargain (and the fact that it includes recipes, which makes it practical as well).

The point of the cookbook was to test the waters before putting the novel up for sale – going through the process to replicate it, in a matter of speaking. Additionally, I wanted to have one offering in my name before I offered a book for sale.

Right now, the novel has over a dozen downloads, and a couple of the people who won the promotion have “bought” the book. There have been a handful of sales, including a couple at Barnes and Noble. I have gotten a few encouraging words from friends and that is awesome. The question remains whether people who do not know me at all and have read it “cold” have good things to say about the reading experience. This may take longer though as we know that not all people who buy also review.

I admit the idea is slightly unnerving, but also necessary. It’s not like folks will just take your word that your work is fun or even worthwhile…

Whatever expectations or lack of them, it is still quite a thrilling sense to see royalties accumulate for this project. I wonder how far it will go? And, by extension, will I be able to build on it for the next project? (Oh yes, I am deep in research for the next one!)

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