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Friday, May 6, 2011

Coming Along

Justified has been approved and will be shipping shortly to the following retailers: Apple iBookstore, Diesel, Kobo, Scrollmotion and Sony. There are a few folks reading it now and there have been a few more downloads. I hope that these translate into sales and reviews, but it continues to be a work in progress. I do have a few dollars set aside as royalties and that is very encouraging.

I’m busy submitting the book for blog reviews and should start getting responses in the coming weeks.

The cookbook is at 863 downloads. That’s a lot of taste buds! I’m dying to know if any of these folks have tried one of the recipes. Of course, from my own experience I know that not every one who buys also reviews, but when you want one it can never come fast enough, can it?

The last few days I have been working on the details for character studies for the new project and defining the setting. I’m building a new New York and it requires a lot of intricate details. It’s fun to play Goddess!

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