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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Some days you wake up with ideas literally busting to come out, and a line feeds another and one image turns into another picture altogether and it surprises you!

Today was one of those days. I got three chapters in for “Beating the Devil”. This is an interesting way to write a novel. I have the first and last chapter. Today I wrote the second, third and another that belongs somewhere in the middle. Altogether I now have five chapters. I hope to finish this novel before November, because although I intended it to be my next NaNoWriMo project, it looks like I’ll have to do something else.

I know it’s just May, and if the Rapture does come later this afternoon, then I may be busy fighting the minions of hell or partying to death by November. You know, whatev!

But if not, I may do the second steampunk book (assuming I finish the first one by then) or the first of the sci-fi novel that I haven’t started yet.

I just hope I can keep it all straight in my head.

Finally, this is the progress report on downloads: cookbook – 1234, novel – 32, short – 17. 

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